Our Services

Rent Ezy Now is to provide services to Landlords, Tenants regarding renting a property all across the states of Australia and provide job to Caretakers to maintain a good communication between Landlords and Tenants. We are have designed this web portal in such a manner so that even if you are a small town or a remote area still you can join this platform. It is very easy to join as a Landlord can upload one property for free. Tenants can even join here without spending a single penny. Just upload the real documents and be a choice of a Landlord to get a property on rent. You can even negotiate for a deal as we have a facility of messaging among Landlords and Tenants. You can discuss and carry on with the deal after you register.

The Caretaker will do his or her best to provide support while you stay on rent in a particular property, be it in any place. Rent Ezy Now value your time and hence we have created this facility where renting and hiring can be done with ease and eventually you save lot of time and energy in looking or hiring a property. If you have any confusion regarding the operational matter the feel free to call us @ 042 774 9988