Terms and Conditions

Rent Ezy Now is a portal where the landlords and tenants can freely interact among each other with the help of a caretaker to carry on the rental affair. Rent Ezy Now only takes a one time fee from the landlords for uploading details of houses, apartments, villas and bungalows. Tenants pay the monthly rental directly to the landlord and the caretaker gets the monthly salary for maintaining the property he is assigned for and with full responsibility on behalf of the landlord. The tenancy affair entirely goes by the agreement as per agreement for each single landlord or tenant. Rent Ezy Now will simply follow the agreement which will be uploaded in the profile of the landlord.

Rent Ezy Now will not be responsible for collection of any kind of due payments but can also play an important role of the sending reminders in worst cases to make things normal. But for any kind of legal matters or happenings, it should strictly go though the caretaker and finally the landlord takes the decision.

Rent Ezy Now is simply trying to make it easy for landlords and tenants so that they can run it hassle free so that they can save both time and money. Rent Ezy Now has also tried to create a scope of employment wherein the caretaker can manage properties on behalf of landlords and earn monthly.